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Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu

First generation of the only That Son Quyen/Thanvodao Vietnamese-Chinese Kung Fu since 1979 in the US. 1968 — 2013: Master Instructor /Founder of Thất Sơn Võ ...

Martial Arts

723 Chestnut Street, 3 Fl
Philadelphia   PA 19106

Philadelphia Kung Fu & Vietnamese Martial ...

First generation of the only That Son Quyen/Thanvodao Vietnamese-Chinese Kung Fu since 1979 in the US. The only Seven Mountains Kung Fu school in Philadelphia, PA is an Indochinese ...

Martial Arts

723 Chestnut St, 3F
Philadelphia   PA Pa 19106

Main Line Tang Soo Do

No yearly contract - pay month to month. Among the most affordable monthly programs in the Delaware Valley! About MLTSD: Main Line Tang Soo Do was born 15 years ago, at ...

Education, Martial Arts

501 Brookline Blvd
Havertown   PA 19083

DeStolfo's Premier Martial Arts

We’d like to personally welcome YOU to Destolfo's Premier Martial Arts & Karate. You’ll find that we offer the finest martial arts instruction available anywhere ...

Education, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness

1950 E Main Ave
Conshohocken   PA 19428

Asian World Of Martial Arts

Manufacturer and distributor of the ProForce Brand of products including Lightning, Thunder, Gladiator, and Velocity Gear. Wholesale supplier to the martial arts industry, ...

Martial Arts

9400 Ashton Rd
Philadelphia   PA 19114

Hwa-Rang Warriors TaeKwon-Do

Who were the Hwa-Rang Warriors? During the period between 1st century BC and 7th century AD, the Korean peninsula was divided into three Kingdoms; Silla, Koguryo and Baek ...

Martial Arts

4401 G St
Philadelphia   PA 19120

Grupo Eh Capoeira.

HISTORY Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that began during the later period of the Portuguese colonization of Brazil. Many of the slaves who were brought to Brazil ...

Martial Arts

4226 Spruce St
Philadelphia   PA 19147

AmKor Karate Institutes Upper Darby

For more than 31 years Master Samuel Wallace, a 6th Dan (6th Degree Black Belt) has been teaching the art of Tang Soo do in the Upper Darby community. Master Wallace holds ...

Martial Arts, School, Sports & Recreation

8915 W Chester Pike
Upper Darby   PA 19082

Philadelphia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Beginning with the first Ultimate Fighting Championships in 1993, martial artists of all different styles, backgrounds, and weight classes were able to pit their skills against ...

Martial Arts

1719 Washington Ave
Philadelphia   PA 19145

Valley Forge Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art rooted in several styles of Jujitsu, in particular Daitoryu-(aiki) jujitsu, as well as kendo and judo. It was developed in the mid 1920’s ...

Martial Arts, Physical Fitness

536 N Trooper Rd
Norristown   PA 19403

Blake's Uechi-Ryu Karate Do

Uechi-Ryu is a karate system named after Kanbun Uechi (1877-1948) an Okinawan who studied the Shuu Family Style of martial arts in China. After his death, Uechi's son, Kanei, ...

Martial Arts

321 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia   PA 19123

AmKor Karate Institutes

Master Frederick Scott, 8th Dan, is Founder and Chief Instructor of AmKor Karate Institutes. Master Scott established the first AmKor school in Aston, Pennsylvania in 1977. ...

Martial Arts

Headquarters: 3219 Concord Rd
Aston   PA 19014

Amerikick Warrington/Chalfont Karate

The age old practice of Martial Arts is something that has many appealing qualities and benefits for all different types of people. From self-discipline to body strength, ...

Gym, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness

3332 Limekiln Pike
Chalfont   PA 18914

Philadelphia JiuJitsu

Welcome to the Philadelphia Jiu-Jitsu Facebook webpage. Please do not confuse Umholtz Philadelphia Jiu-Jitsu with any other Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts school claiming ...

Martial Arts, School

2222 Cherry St
Philadelphia   PA 19103

Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy, Lansdowne ...

We are Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy, Lansdowne Branch, serving Lansdowne, Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia/Delaware County areas. We are a branch of Yee’s Hung ...

Education, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness

24 N Lansdowne Ave
Lansdowne   PA 19050

Schultz Martial Arts

• White Crane Gongfu – Feeding Crane System ( 白鶴門食鶴拳) • Ryukyu Kempo(Okinawan Karate) (琉球拳法) • Kyusho-jitsu (急所術) • Tuite-jitsu ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness

Spirit of Enterprise, Kelly Dr
Philadelphia   PA 19130

Bujinkan Kuriru Dōjō - 武神館久里流道場

As many of you know, my dōjō operates on the campus of the college from which I graduated (Ursinus College). The college lets us use space free of charge and so we hold ...

Martial Arts, Organization

601 E Main St
Collegeville   PA 19426

Minger's & Lee's Tae Kwon Do

Welcome to Minger’s and Lee’s Tae Kwon Do: a traditional self-defense, physical fitness, and self-improvement training program for children through adults. Tae ...

Martial Arts

3003 Byberry Rd
Philadelphia   PA 19154

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