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Philly Personal Training

Philadelphia personal trainer Brian Maher - Winner of Philadelphia Magazine's Best Personal Trainer award for 2013! Philadelphia's best personal trainer offers 1 on 1 personal training in our Center City personal training studio. Our personal training packages include your personal training sessions, a personalized meal plan, and a personalized workout plan for days you don't meet with your trainer.

Philly Personal Training is the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that requires personal trainers on staff to possess a college degree in an exercise-related field, as opposed to just having a certification.

Read some of our personal training reviews below.

“I had worked out off and on for most of my adult life with acceptable results. However, after a few years of decreased activity I noticed the pounds going on, my energy level was falling and body fat going up. In the Fall of 2010 I finally decided something needed to change and began looking for a Personal Trainer. After careful research, I found Brian Maher of Philly Personal Training. I was impressed with Brian’s education, certification and approach. I have been working out with Brian twice a week since. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

In a few short months I lost 20 pounds and reduced my body fat by more than 5%. Then, with Brian’s coaching and running plans I ran the Broad Street Run, a Half Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon within the first year of training with him. It had been 20 years since I had run on a regular basis and never competed in a race longer than a 5K. Running a marathon had been in the back of mind for about 20 years but I am sure it would not have happened if I had not started training with Brian.

Brian is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and motivation. We regularly talk about goals and set new goals as achievements are made. His routine evaluations are helpful not only to track progress and measure results but to refine goals. We have worked out together for more than a year now and I don’t think two workouts have ever been exactly the same! He is great at adding new exercises and changing routines to ensure your fitness goals are met and to keep you focused, motivated and interested during every session. He often has a new “surprise” for me that is fun and challenging. He continues to push me to new levels!

Brian understands that good health and fitness doesn’t happen in a couple of sessions a week and he provides you with the tools you need to make the changes in your daily life. Whether that be a meal plan; or nutritional counseling; or a running/walking plan; or an exercise routine to do “solo”; or motivational tips to keep you focused on your goal. Brian has easily adapted workout routines and nutritional information as my goals changed. I look forward to my training sessions with Brian – it’s the best part of my week! During our training sessions I work harder and smarter than I ever could have by myself.

I am in the best physical shape of my life thanks to Brian!”
- Doug M.

“I have worked with many trainers over the years, but nobody else helped me reach the level of fitness that I achieved from training with Brian. When we first began my program, I had three goals – lose weight, increase strength and improve endurance. With Brian’s guidance, I not only met my original targets but exceeded them in numbers far beyond my expectations.

In six months, I dropped 48 pounds – 20% of my body weight, 15 pounds below my original goal and almost 7 inches from around my waist. My strength tripled on nearly every exercise we measured. Most incredible to me was that I went from run/walking a 5K in almost 40 minutes to my new personal best 5K run of 24:36 (I was never a runner before I met Brian).

Brian is not only a trainer, but also a coach. In addition to the two mornings a week we worked out together, he encouraged me to change my life habits so I could not only achieve my goals with him, but keep those high standards when I trained on my own. My nutrition improved and my “solo” workouts continued to strengthen even when I wasn’t in a formal training session. I would recommend Brian to anyone looking for fast, effective and long-lasting results.”
- Mark S.

“In May of 2010, my father had major heart surgery which pushed me to take a look at my personal risks and the action I needed to take to reduce those risks. In June, I made the decision to begin a fitness program with an individual who was highly educated as a Personal Fitness Trainer. The education was very important to me as I wanted someone who could ensure my safety regarding how much I should do and how fast when exercising. I was very fortunate to have found that in Brian Maher of Philly Personal Training. Prior to working with Brian I lost 9 pounds and went from a size 12 to 10 by changing my eating habits but I could not get my weight down any further and my cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar numbers were still high. Brian put me on a meal plan and an exercise regimen that brought my high cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar down to normal ranges within 5 months. My doctor is now looking at taking me off of my blood pressure medicine which is a goal I never thought I would achieve. In addition, I lost 30 pounds during that 5 months and went from a size 10 to a size 0. I feel better than I have felt in 12 years and confident that I can maintain my weight and health numbers due to the education and confidence I have gained during my tenure with Brian. In addition, due to being in this program I am getting reduced rates on my health insurance at work.

Prior to working with Brian, I would workout by myself but never pushed myself as I was scared due to my age and being out of shape. Brian monitored my heart rate, the reaction of my muscles to exercises and gradually built my stamina and strength and before I knew it, I was doing more than I ever thought I would achieve. I am not a person who is disciplined to exercise, working with Brian has helped me achieve goals far beyond any expectations I ever had for myself. This experience has changed my life as I have energy, sleep better, feel and look younger and have achieved a fitness level I never thought I would ever achieve. I am more motivated than ever to maintain the health I am feeling.”
- Barbara M.

“I have struggled with my body image my entire life. I tried just about everything to lose weight including countless diets, camps, and even weight loss pills.

About 4 years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, after completion of chemotherapy and radiation our family decided to support my mothers fight against breast cancer in the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for a cure. I was at my heaviest during this time in my life and my self esteem was at an all time low. I barely made it through the walk and ended up in the hospital because I physically could not get through the walk. I was embarrassed and disappointed in myself. This was when I decided to take control of my life by hiring a personal trainer.

I have had personal trainers in the past and none compare to Brian. I have been training with Brian for about 3 years now and I have accomplished things I never thought possible. I have lost over 50 lbs and dropped multiple inches. I am more confident in myself and my self esteem has improved greatly. It definitely wasn’t easy at first and I hated exercising, but Brian helped me gain my confidence back and pushed me to successfully reach my personal goals. Everyday is a challenge when you struggle with body image and weight issues and Brian continues to provide me with the tools to continue to be successful and achieve my goals.”
-Ashley D.

“I highly recommend Brian as a personal trainer. He listens to your needs and wants, and creates workouts based on your personal goals. In just 3 months of training with Brian, one day per week, I’ve lost inches on every part of my body. My body fat percentage also decreased almost 5%! Brian is very knowledgeable and will tell you which body part you are working with each exercise. The 2 other trainers I have worked with in the past never were able to tell me which exact muscle group I was working with each exercise, but Brian can and does.

Aside from working out with Brian once per week, he makes me workout plans based on my personal goals so that I can strength train on days that I don’t train with him. He has also made me a running plan to reach a goal of running 5 miles and will be making me a plan to run a half marathon.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to transform your body with an extremely educated and accommodating trainer, you need to call Brian NOW!”
- Alli E.

“Brian is a wonderful personal trainer. While working with him and his workout plan, I lost several inches and gained significant strength. I had trouble staying motivated for long with many programs, but his personal attention and time made me stick with my regimen and kept me focused. I even ran my first 5K a couple months ago, something I never thought I’d do. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Philly, definitely give Brian a call.”
- Suzy G.

“Brian is a great personal trainer. At first I was a bit apprehensive about going to a personal trainer, but after a few short weeks I saw dramatic results. Every week I show up to a new, challenging workout. Brian has also given me customized workout plans for days I train at home. His knowledge about fitness and nutrition is second to none. When I first started working out with Brian, we set up benchmarks and goals that would be checked every three months. In my first three months I greatly exceeded all of those goals. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to for a personal trainer.”
- Larry F.

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Best Personal Trainer in Philadelphia awarded by Philadelphia Magazine. Philly Personal Training is in Center City at 1429 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

Brian Maher and his staff at Philly Personal Training train clients at their Center City studio at 1429 Walnut Street. Philly Personal Training offers 30 minute and 60 minute personal training packages. Philly Personal Training is the only personal trai

Philly Personal Training has a mission to provide all personal training clients with the highest quality personal training and nutrition advice so they can meet and surpass their fitness goals.

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