Valley of Fear and The Original Haunted Hayrides

301 W Bristol Rd
Feasterville PA  19053

Phone: (215) 942-9787

Valley of Fear and The Original Haunted Hayrides

The Original Haunted Hayride
Area's Best and Original!
The Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

Come ride through America’s most horrifying woods, on what the independent website, has called “one of the best we have ever been on” including a graveyard they called “absolutely amazing.” With gigantic sets and a twisting, disorienting trail, you’ll see why we were recently named Hayride Of The Year and the all new 2015 production of the Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

Zombie Escape Maze
Extreme Maze, Extreme Fear, Extreme Zombies.
Zombies continue to infiltrate the Valley of Fear in the continuing aftermath of the devastating
fire that destroyed the Zombie Research and Control Center. Military and Medical Personnel
have been virtually powerless in controlling the outbreak and panic has risen to new heights
throughout 2015 as dozens of zombies in various stages of development continue their chaotic
assault amoung the Living.
Will you Survive the Zombie Escape Extreme Maze

NEW FOR 2015!!

OPERATION Z is a pulse pounding paintball excursion that puts you on the front lines against the undead.

Your mission is to march ON FOOT to remote forest outposts with multiple firing positions to destroy the Zombie hoards. Helping you navigate your way through the wastelands will be soldiers from Unit Z.E.R.O (Zombie Eradication and Removal Organization).

After receiving a briefing and weapons training, you will be part of a team of troopers which will depart on a 1400 yard mission through a thick, dark, wooded, stream-lines area with explosions, fog, carnage, destruction and zombies where you will man weapons at 4 gun stations in your attempt to gain control in your Area Of Operations. In addition to your standard ammo issue, you will have an opportunity to acquire additional ammo from the unit ammo dump. ($5 for additional 25 rounds)

OPERATION Z takes first person shooter games to the next level. Sharp senses and a strong stomach is your only salvation.

To participate in the mission, you MUST wear footwear and clothing appropriate for rugged, outdoor, uneven and sometimes, wet terrain. in accepting this assignment, you understand that this walk requires full physicial mobility and is not recommended for those with any physicial or emotional impairment whatsoever or for those who are pregnant. No one under the age of 10 may participate and children 10-15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

NEW for 2015! The story of King Yantis who Lost his beautiful queen to the evil clutches of the Evil and scourn Tree Queen, she turned her into a horrid looking creature of the forest, But little did the king know he's queen was really Tree Queen All along. He became Filled with rage and after the years went insane looking for his lost love, He sent hundreds of troops and civilians into the Dreaded Black Forest for them never to return, all falling to the evil of the Horrid Tree Queen , Each man woman and child who has ever been sent into the woods never returns and become an indigenous creature filled with anger and evil! After many years he cursed the evil that destroyed his queen or so he thought, Then an Evil spell was cast on him to live forever rotting away looking for his lost love. Will you be the next to be sent into the Deepest Darkest Woods of the Underworld, The woods are alive and they are coming for you!
Welcome to the Underworld!


America's Most Horrifiying Woods! 4 Haunted Attractions,The Original Haunted Hayride, Zombie Escape Maze, Operation Z Paintball, Underworld Forest Walk

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