100 Steam Whistle Dr
Ivyland PA  18974

Phone: (215) 852-2301

The Sudsbuddy® Difference

Innovative features make the Sudsbuddy® Portable Keg Cooler and Beer Dispenser, also commonly referred to as a kegerator or beermeister, accommodating for entertaining in or outdoors. The Sudsbuddy accommodates various kegs sizes up to the domestic half-barrel and it is truly portable, weighing only 70 lbs, half the weight of conventional coolers. To complement its relatively light weight, it can also be powered via an optional cigarette lighter adapter for use at outdoor activities where no AC power is available. Units are cooled using the fundamental science of thermoelectrics, which permits the Sudsbuddy® to accomplish its job in a manner that minimizes its effect on the environment, as it requires no compressors or fluorocarbons.

Other benefits include:
* No hand pumping, as it uses carbon dioxide (CO2), or a CO2 and nitrogen (N) mix, to push your beer from the keg to the faucet.
* Lifetime warranty on body and door.
* Digital display temperature control.
* Optional SudsCounter realtime beer flow counter.
* Durable recycled rotomolded polyethylene plastic.
* Custom shape - not square.
* Comes in a variety of colors.
* Built-in recessed hand grips.
* Pays for itself over time from the savings of NOT having to
buy cans & bottles.

Why a Keg Cooler?
Your home is the one place where you can really unwind and enjoy the quality of lifestyle you deserve. Sharing the good life with friends and family is an American tradition.

Imagine having a home keg cooler for entertaining in or outdoors. If you enjoy beer, imagine dispensing a cool refreshing draft from your Sudsbuddy.

You will not only impress your guests, but will save time, money and hassle of frequent restocking. Cans and bottles take up room in your cupboard and refrigerator. Once emptied, they have to be stored and put out for recycling. It would take approximately 165 12-ounce containers to equal the amount of beer in a 1/2 keg (approximately 1,984 fluid ounces). The typical 1/2 keg of beer costs approximately $60.00. The average cost of a six pack of beer is $5.00. You'd have to spend $140.00 on six packs of beer to equal the same amount of beer in a keg! That's an $80.00 savings just by purchasing a 1/2 keg of beer. Purchasing only twelve 1/2 kegs of beer would save you $960 - basically paying for the Sudsbuddy cooler itself! With properly maintained temperature and CO2 pressure, keg beer should retain its fresh flavor for at least 2 months (individual results will vary).



Does the "old square cooler" (o.s.c.) have digital display temperature control with auto & manual defrost?

Does the (o.s.c.) have optional SudsCounter technology with ability to count beer flow from faucet & display how much beer is left in the keg?

Does the (o.s.c.) come in 7 color choices (light and dark granite, sandstone granite, red, green, blue, and black)?

Does the "o.s.c." come in a décor-pleasing rounded design? (Unlike the "o.s.c." you won't be forced to keep your Sudsbuddy in the garage)

Is the "o.s.c." dent resistant and made of durable, rotational-molded plastic?

Does the "o.s.c." utilize reliable, solid state, thermoelectric cooling components?

Can the "o.s.c." control internal temperatures ranging from 32 to 65 degrees F? (Ideal temps. for homebrewers making lagers or ales)

Does the "o.s.c." ship via ground carriers? (Fed Ex or U.P.S. = No hassles with freight companies.)

Does the "o.s.c." have built-in, recessed handgrips for ease of moving unit to various locations? (No need for wheels)

Does the "o.s.c." weight 70 lbs (empty) and is it capable of holding a 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallon keg)? (Some "o.s.c" do not hold all size kegs.)

Can the "o.s.c." be powered via an optional 12V cigarette/accessory adapter for tailgating?

Does the "o.s.c." come with a Lifetime Warranty on the molded body and door? (No one is offering this industry exclusive.)
If you could not answer "yes" to any of these questions, then the Sudsbuddy beer keg cooler is right for you!

Sudsbuddy® Portable Keg Cooler and Beer Dispenser & Sudsbuddy® Bar

To make people happy by providing them with a high quality products with superior customer service in an effort to keep there beer cold. We have discovered that appropriately chilled and easy to pour beer creates happy customers!

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