Triage LLC

228 W Baltimore Ave
Clifton Heights PA  19018

Phone: (610) 205-9956

Triage LLC

To provide you with the resources to take care of your everyday needs, we have created an accounting and documentation service company that is here to understand and address your every question, concern, or problem.
I would like to now tell you three things about this company: I would like to talk to you about…
1. Who we are…
2. What we do…and
3. The value our services will bring to helping you reach your goals, solve your problems, and get ahead in life

1. Who are we?
Our company is called TRIAGE, LLC…This is short for Tax Relief, Immigration Assistance and General Empowerment Services, LLC. We are a full-scale Accounting, financial services, and documentation service company. We are registered with all federal, state, and local agencies, and authorized to engage in our line of business. That means government agencies have given us authority to conduct business because they have verified that we have the competencies and licenses required to run our business.

2. What do we do?
• We file individual and business income tax
• We notarize documents
• We represent individual and business taxpayers before the IRS in IRS tax audits
• We provide copy, print, and fax services
• We provide assistance with navigating the U.S. immigration system
• We provide passport photo services
• We provide document evaluation services
• We also provide other resources to help you complete and organize your documents and paperwork

3. How do the services we provide help you and your family reach your goals?
TRIAGE is the organization from which you will get the information, advice, guidance, and professional services you’ll need to reach you goals and get ahead in life. We are here to work with you on all of your tax, immigration and general documentation needs. Our Tax and Accounting Services entail professionally preparing and filing your taxes. With our IRS Audit Consulting Services, we will represent you before the IRS. With this, we will deal with the IRS until your audit is concluded, and your issue is resolved. You know what this means for you and your family, right? It means no more stress, whatsoever, dealing with the IRS. We deal with the IRS, we take on the stress of dealing with the IRS, and you get peace of mind, and the time and energy to focus on other important things.

We do a lot more than just file taxes and represent people in an IRS tax audit.
When you come to us for help and guidance, we will sit down with you, thoroughly review your documents, and take the correct step forward (Right TJ)?
Maybe you’d like to evaluate your degrees and documents from another country so that you can secure a job, or start going to school in the U.S. Maybe you already have a job, or are already attending school in the U.S., and you just want a place where you can take passport pictures, notarize a documents, or simply copy, scan, fax, email, or save your school work. Our business, TRIAGE, provides you all of these services as well.

Maybe you have that last clearance or recommendation letter you would like to print out for a job interview…You can come to our office and complete that task as well.
Maybe you want to file for U.S. Citizenship, or file to bring your family members to the U.S., or simply adjust your stay and secure U.S. permanent residency status…we have you covered here as well. Through our not-for-profit public charity initiative, we will handle your U.S. immigration matters ranging from locating a U.S. immigration office, to applying for U.S. Citizenship, to bringing family members to the U.S….and everything in-between.
So, essentially, if you have a question…you have a concern…you have a need…then you have a reason to request our help, and you have a reason to benefit from the professional services we provide.

The professionalism and the peace of mind you get working with us are sure to take away your stress in everything we do for you.

When you work with TRIAGE, you will enjoy the fruits of the depth of knowledge, passion, humanism, character and integrity we bring to serving you.
Our business is located at 228 West Baltimore Avenue, in Clifton Heights.
We are open for business…we are here to serve you…we are here to understand, and help you solve your problems.

TRIAGE, LLC is a business that seeks to empower people. We help people define what 'progress' means to them, and then help them attain their goals.

Services Provided:
*Tax Preparation
*IRS Audit Representation
*Immigration Services
*Insurance (Health, Life, Auto,
Home, etc)
*Passport Photos
*Airline Travel Tickets/Services
*Copy, Print, Fax, Scan
*High-Volume Copying
...and Much More

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